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At Spiceology, we don’t just specialize in spices, we have something for those of you with a sweet-tooth, too. Our line of confections is beloved by bakers everywhere. One taste of our top-of-the-line products and you’ll taste our commitment to quality and fresh ingredients! Our line of premium confections consist of 16 different options; from simple, common ingredients like brown and maple sugar, cocoa powder and molasses to more unique flavors that are rare and hard to find.

Our Madagascar Vanilla Beans are one-of-a-kind. Cultivated and cured on the island of Madagascar, each vanilla bean is hand-selected for its freshness and fragrance. If you’ve never tried one, you’re missing out. The flavors are full, sweet, and creamy with the most amazing, long-lasting after-tones. Did you know 80% of the world’s vanilla is produced in Madagascar? The flowers have to be pollinated by hand and the pods need several months to cure after they are harvested. It’s a very involved process and you can taste the difference. The vanilla beans have the most flavor and once you try one of ours, you’ll never try another. 

If you’re looking for something less traditional, but still in the vanilla family, try our Tahitian Vanilla Beans. Some people describe them as tasting like sweet cherries. These offer a different kind of vanilla flavor with a floral aroma and will give your recipe a distinct taste. This variety is cultivated in Tahiti and also hand-selected for its premium quality. 

Our Carbonated Sugar is another fan favorite. Consisting of small crystals that crack and pop when you eat them, they’re not only delicious but also fun to eat. They offer a traditional sweet flavor that can be used in cakes, desserts or craft cocktails.

No matter what you’re in the market for, our confections collection is sure to have that must-have ingredient to make your baking a sweet success.