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If you’re someone who only likes to get in the kitchen occasionally, or if you consider yourself a novice cook, then you may not be familiar with our unique selection of fruit and vegetable powders. If you’re wondering how to use them, or want to take advantage of their unique health benefits – we’ll walk you through it.

To top it off, these delicious powders provide a colorful kick to your next sauce, dry rub or cocktail recipe. 

Let’s start with our Raspberry Powder. It comes from US-grown berries, ripened and off the vine (because we wouldn’t have it any other way!) They are harvested, dehydrated, and then pulverized into a sweet, dark red powder. You can use it in juices or smoothies, teas, baked goods, desserts, and sweet and savory sauces. Our Strawberry Powder can be used the same way and offers a similar flavor. The Cranberry Powder is also very much like the Raspberry and Strawberry Powders but has a tart kick to it and is more popular in the health food world due to the high level of antioxidants found in cranberries.

If you like the flavors of pumpkin, but dislike working with the stringy, chewy and awkward-shaped fruit, this is the perfect solution. Our Pumpkin Powder provides convenience and exceptionally fresh flavor that mixes well with other ingredients. Try this in your smoothies, coffee, curries, soups and sauces. Of course, don’t forget to put some in your baked goods, too. Our Sweet Potato Powder works the same way and tastes great in a lot of the same foods! Imagine getting that delicate sweetness of sweet potatoes without all the peeling and chopping! You’ll love these fall favorites even more than the real deal! In fact, all of our vegetable and fruit powders are popular because they offer time-saving convenience.